Student Gallery - A Showcase of Morgan County Students

Student Gallery - A Showcase of Morgan County Students Join the Morgan County Partnership in celebrating the academic accomplishments of Morgan County Students as they continue studying during virtual and distance learning. The Positive Action program invited teachers to nominate their students to be showcased in a virtual gallery.

Available on the Positive Action YouTube channel, submissions were filmed or photographed and emailed to Angie Hott, Positive Action & Digital Facilitator. "I felt it was so important for the community to recognize and celebrate their achievement while working from home during this COVID19 pandemic, and beyond too! When students see their academic efforts are noticed, it helps to raise their valuable developmental assets today so that they become successful students tomorrow," Angie said. It is our hope to instill in children the continued importance of education so that they remain eager to learn and ultimately make positive decisions about their futures.

Featured in the Student Gallery in it's premier week is Kara Novak, 1st grade student from Ms. Stotler's class at Widmyer Elementary. Kara enthusiastically shares her knowledge, a positive action, about the Polar Bear. Her facts are relayed with a love of learning that will surely put a smile on anyone in the community during these difficult times. Also nominated and available on the Student Gallery YouTube Playlist, are Sofie Riggleman, from Pleasant View Elementary singing the school song; Isabella & Kimbra Welch, from Widmyer sharing animal projects on the African Elephant and Snowy Owl; Kamryn Buck from Warm Springs Intermediate School making language art from Positive Action Core Value Words; and Leah Boyce. Leah is a 1st grader from Ms. Christie's Pleasant View room, who recites the Pledge of Allegiance.

Thank you for sharing the students' stories! Coming soon, students will "Adopt a Senior" with Ms. Butts 4th graders, who are writing letters to residents at Autumn Acres.

Widmyer Elementary - Student Gallery Showcase of Positive Actions